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Solar Panel Sun Tracker Dual Axis Controller Solar Automatic Tracking System NEW

Solar Panel Sun Tracker Dual Axis Controller Solar Automatic Tracking System NEW
Solar Panel Sun Tracker Dual Axis Controller Solar Automatic Tracking System NEW
Solar Panel Sun Tracker Dual Axis Controller Solar Automatic Tracking System NEW
Solar Panel Sun Tracker Dual Axis Controller Solar Automatic Tracking System NEW
Solar Panel Sun Tracker Dual Axis Controller Solar Automatic Tracking System NEW
Solar Panel Sun Tracker Dual Axis Controller Solar Automatic Tracking System NEW
Solar Panel Sun Tracker Dual Axis Controller Solar Automatic Tracking System NEW
Solar Panel Sun Tracker Dual Axis Controller Solar Automatic Tracking System NEW
Solar Panel Sun Tracker Dual Axis Controller Solar Automatic Tracking System NEW
Solar Panel Sun Tracker Dual Axis Controller Solar Automatic Tracking System NEW

Solar Panel Sun Tracker Dual Axis Controller Solar Automatic Tracking System NEW

Solar Panel Sun Tracker Dual Axis Controller Solar Automatic Tracking System NEW. This controller have a two axis tracking controllers, Due to the complexity of the detailed description described below, To prevent you from fainting, The function of this controller is briefly described here.

This controller can control the two degree of freedom platform to track the sun in real time. Can be leveled in case of wind, Level and center in cloudy night, Most latitudes applySouthern Hemisphere time, The sequence of homing action is opposite, But it does not affect normal use.

, Infrared wireless manual control, And each parameter can be adjusted freely. LCD parameter display and other functions. The requirements for the platform are: 1. It must be a platform driven by two brush DC motors.

Platform must have limit functionRecommended external limitThe controller can also be introduced for limit. If you are interested, please ask us for a detailed instruction.

You need to make a platform with two degrees of freedom driven by DC brush motor. The voltage of the two motors used in the platform needs to be the same, And in12-24Vbetween, Total current not greater than6A(When greater than this current, Need to consult the owner, Another intermediate relay control box needs to be added). The controller is divided into four parts.

The inspection head part is composed of a crisscross structure with a transparent shell, Its key components are four quadrant rubber dropping silicon wafer, Inverted ladder central column, Fixed screw rod, 2Meter long five core signal wire, etc. The center pillar is made of aluminum, Screw parts are304Stainless steel, Waterproof silica gel shall be used to cover the welding line end and welding spot on the reverse side of the adhesive dripping board.

It can be used in all kinds of bad conditions, Service life not less than10year. The test heads are as follows, Transparent shell with special design, Waterproof, dustproof and acid rain proof. Silicon crystal detection, Sensitive to sunlight, Can accurately judge cloudy and sunny days. The control box adopts waterproof shell with transparent upper cover, Built in by MCU, Circuit composed of LCD and other components. Five core signal introduced by detector head, Judgment by Circuit Built-in Procedure, According to the corresponding situation. Make corresponding drive execution, Its interface is to detect the first five core signals respectively. East West axis motor output. North south axis motor output, etc. There are two types of remote controls 6Key infrared remote control. Remote control as an important part of human-computer interaction of the controller. Multiple operation functions can be realized, In addition to manual operation function, At the same time, it has the function of adjusting various control parameters.

The distance between the remote control and the control box is 8rice, Use two seven batteries. He function of wind speed sensor is to detect ambient wind speed. When the wind speed is greater than a certain value, The controller can drive the device to level, To minimize the damage of wind to the plant. The wind speed sensor adopts a three cup rotating structure, Under the action of transverse wind in any direction, It can produce rotation, Depending on the wind, The rotational speed is also different. So as to generate different voltage signals.

The control box makes wind judgment based on this voltage signal. The basic principle and installation method of the controller. The controller uses a detectorController---Closed loop control mode of shaft motor. The inspection head installed on the upper plane of the platform. Real time detection of sun orientation, The controller analyzes the orientation and drives the corresponding shaft motor to perform the movement, As the platform moves, The position of the detector head also moves.

The output azimuth voltage is also changing in real time, Until after aiming at the sun, Closed loop formation, Controller stop output. After power up, Test the sunlight intensity, If the sun is strong enough, Then the control platform is aimed at the sun.

If the sun is not strong enough, After a certain time delay, Driving device performs homing action(This action can be set byT9/10/11/12Conduct). When the wind speed is detected to exceed a certain value, Drive device performs specified actions. This action can be set byT3/4/5/6Conduct.

When the sun has a few days in the northern hemisphere in summer, The device can start the specified action at noon, So that the afternoon can continue to track. This action can be set byT14/15Conduct.

When the manual function is activated, The platform is unconditionally under manual control. All functional parameters can be set by yourself, Human computer interaction is completed by remote control and LCD. First, The detector head shall be installed on the north side of the upper platform.

The angle range of the east-west axis of the platform shall be180Within degrees, The north-south axis angle should be at80Within degrees, It is recommended that the position from the north to the end be exactly flat. Position limit should be made in East, West, North and South, Please refer to the connection method of common limit switch attached to the manual. When the detector head is fixed on the upper platform, Note that the direction identification of the detection head corresponds to the corresponding direction when the platform is placed flat and centered. Slightly fix the inspection head line, Leave some room, Then?

Fix the main control box in the non moving position of the platform, It's better not to be exposed to the sun and rain. Connect the corresponding shaft motor line to the corresponding terminal in the controller. Apply the correct DC voltage to the main control box. Infrared remote controller long pressQUITkey5Backlight can be turned on or off for more than seconds.

No matter what state the controller is in, Press the remote control. Enter the manual control stateNow press the corresponding remote control button. Directional movementAt the same time, the display will show. If the direction of movement does not conform to the description in the manual, Then change the corresponding wiringNot until it is consistent with the description in the manual. QUITKey out of manual state, Controller goes into automatic state, There are several possibilities.

If the sun value detected in any direction of the detector head is higher thanV3valueThe current weather is considered sunnyCan enter platform tracking stateContinuous action of controller driving platformWhen any of the east-west axis or north-south axis is aligned firstThe axis stopsAnd enter delay waiting stateThere is a delay waiting time for east-west axis and north-south axis, which can be set freely. TXWaiting for next alignment time after alignment of east-west axisTYFor the north-south axisThis time can be set according to the actual needsThe advantage of this delay setting isOne can save electric energy and avoid frequent actionWhen the platform has clearancePoor lockFrequent movements may occurSecond, some shadow interference can be ignoredLike the shadow of a wire. The shadows of birds, etc. When the voltage value detected in any direction of the detector head cannot be higher than. TimeThe controller thinks it's rainy or night.

Environmental light has no power generation valueAt this time, the controller is standbyTiming. StayT8In the countdown of timeIf the ambient light exceedsV3Value and continues to exceedT13timeEnter immediatelyASituationEnter normal trackingIf the ambient light continues to fall belowV3Value and completeT8delayedThe controller thinks it's really rainy day or night.

After the action of flattening and centering is completedEnter the state of weak sunlight waitingIf the sun appearsTime delayT13Time in automatic tracking. When the controller detects that the wind speed exceedsV2Value caseThe controller thinks that the current wind speed may damage the platform.

When summer comesSome latitudesThe sun will cross the North-South middle lineRunning in the north skyFor some platformsThere may be untraceable phenomena after noonThe controller has automatic turning functionCan effectively overcome this disadvantageIts operation principle isWhen this state occursPerform specified actionsControl platform EastT14timeStop for a secondExecution platform to the WestT15timeSet the parameter reasonablyIt's best to center the platform a little bit to the West. ATAutotrack statusIn this stateThe device automatically tracks the sun. TXWhen the east-west axis is aligned in the automatic tracking state, it enters the waiting period.

During this periodDevice will not operate. TYAfter alignment of north-south axis in automatic tracking state, it enters into waiting period. Eeast Wwest Ssouth Nnorth Indicating device moves in corresponding direction. FSWind speed exceeds the set valueEnter the state of flattening and centering when encountering wind.

FReal time wind speed and voltage valueUnit isV. GTotal voltage of silicon chip in four directions of detectorUsed to refer to the current total sunlight intensity. MTManual operation statusIn this stateRemote control1/2/3/4Key corresponding to North/south/west/Manual move to the East. SLWeak sunlightRepresents that the current controller thinks the sunshine is weakGoing to sleep and waiting for the sun to appear again.

SL WAITEnter the weak sleep state of sunlight. T8Accumulated time of weak sunlight. T3When performing the specified action of wind speed overrunTime value of device driving eastward. T4When performing the specified action of wind speed overrunUndertakeT3After timeTime value of driving device westward. T5When performing the specified action of wind speed overrunTime value of device driving northward. T6When performing the specified action of wind speed overrunUndertakeT5After timeTime value of driving device to South. T7After performing the wind speed exceeding the specified actionController self-locking timeThis function is to prevent the influence of wind speed from intermittenceCauses the device to perform actions frequently/TrackWithin the self-locking timeIf the wind speed exceeds the value againThen the time will be re timed immediatelyMake the device not operate frequently. T8Delay value of sunshine weak duration.

T9When performing the specified action of weak sunlightTime value of device driving eastward. T10implementWeak sunlightWhen the specified action ofUndertakeT9After timeTime value of driving device westward.

T11implementWeak sunlightWhen the specified action ofTime value of device driving northward. T12implementWeak sunlightWhen the specified action ofUndertakeT11After timeTime value of driving device to South.

T13After the occurrence of weak sunlightSun recovery duration delay time setting. T14When the reversal function of the northern hemisphere startsDevice performs specified actionsDrive east time value.

T15When the reversal function of the northern hemisphere startsDevice performs specified actionsUndertakeT14After timeWestward drive time value. V1Tracking accuracy settingsThis value is the voltage value of the set tracking accuracy range. That is the East/West and South/What is the difference between the voltage values of the northern test siliconVTimeThe controller thinks it needs to move the device or aim at the sunThe smaller the value is.

The higher the accuracy is. On the contrary, the lower the accuracyIt needs to be set according to the characteristics of the platform. V2Wind speed start control voltage valueThis value is the threshold value of wind speed control set by the controller.

When the output voltage of wind speed sensor is higher than this valueThe controller thinks it is necessary to regulate the action immediately to protect the platform. V3Solar weak start control voltage valueThis value is the threshold value of weak sunlight set by the controller. When there is no silicon voltage value higher than this value in the four directions of the detector headThe controller thinks that the current sunlight is weakNo generation valueCancel trackingdelayedT8If the sun hasn't recovered after timeThen perform the specified action.

X0Online correction base of east-west axis angleBecause the performance of the silicon wafer in four directions of the detection head cannot be completely consistentIncrease this correction baseThe controller can correct the component difference of the detector headThe device can aim at the sun more accuratelyThe parameter value setting method is explained in detail later. Y0North south axis angle online correction baseSame principleX0. SUMMERNorthern Hemisphere sun flip function activated.

How to enter the setting stateIn any statePress and hold the remote control. Key for more than four seconds. Key to set the addition and subtraction parameters. Single press is a single value addition and subtractionWhen pressed and heldIt's fast addition and subtraction.

Key can be cycled in the above parameter setting statePress. Key to add and subtract parametersAfter setting upPress. On a sunny day with sunTry not to be in the morning or at night when the sun is weak or at noonIt's better in the morning or afternoonFirst in manual operation statusManual control platform with remote control for alignment with the sunConfirmation platform. Fully aimed at the sun.

Key5More than secondsThat is, enter the setting surfaceEnter the first and second page after settingVoltage values of East-West and North-South of detection head appearAnd the corresponding correction base reference is shown belowKeep in mind the correspondingX0AndY0ValueThen use the remote control to turn the page to enterX0andY0Settings pageChange the corresponding parameter to the corresponding valueSave to exit. All the above states are demonstrated on the LCD screenIncluding all kinds of timestateAll displayed in numbers or letters. Description of control panel components. North south axis motor output. Wind speed and voltage signal input. East West axis output indicator. North south axis output indicator. The backlight of LCD display is not operatedCan be controlled to extinguish to save powerLCD contrast should not moveIn order to avoid false adjustment of contrastThought it was a display fault. TXValues can generally be set to120More than secondsBecause the sun moves slowlyIt took about four minutes to move a degree. TYThe value can be set to100About seconds. T3/4/5/6valueAccording to the moving speed of the platformThink about it in the windWhat attitude should the platform move to resist the windThen set the corresponding time parametersGenerally, it is to carry out leveling. That is, driving north to the end. T7It's after being leveled in the windSelf locking delay timeThis time value can be set appropriately for a long timeTo avoid frequent action of the device due to intermittent windGenerally speaking600Seconds or so. T8Is the delay time of weak sunlightUsed to calculate the duration of weak sunlightThis value should be set a little longerTo avoid frequent action of the platform caused by short-term rainy daysThe time is1200More than seconds is appropriate. T9/10/11/12When the sun is weak, perform the specified action timeAccording to the moving speed of the platformThink about where to moveIt is suggested to level the east-west axis, the middle axis and the South-North axis. That is to say, go east for a certain time to make sure that the time can come to an end. Half the time to go west and EastThe north and South suggest leveling because of the long nightFlattening helps to avoid windAnd if it's daylightIn case the sun is lost for a short timeFlattening also helps capture the sun when it reappears. V1Is tracking accuracy settingGenerally in0.00-0.15Set up betweenSpecific visual platform accuracy and tracking effectproposal0.01. V2Is the value of wind speed starting control voltageThe default configuration of the wind speed sensor is to press0.1VSet upThe details can be adjusted by the userIf other wind speed sensors are usedBe sure to use voltage type wind speed sensorParameters shall be set according to the manual. The method of fuzzy setting is when the wind of the environment at that time may damage the platformNow watchF=How many? On this basis, you can set it a little lower. For instance at that timeF=0.30VThe threshold valueV2Set as0.25More reasonable. V3Is the threshold value of weak sunlightRecommended press1.5V-1.8VReasonable betweenSet up. X0/Y0Set upDepending on the error of the detector headIf there is no special precision requiredCan be set to1.0that will do.

Used by azimuth detectorM6Bolt fixingYou need to open one on the north side of the platformM6.1HoleFor fixing the test head. The installation hole size of the main control box isFourM6holeLeft and right spacing18.2CMDistance between top and bottom5.1CM.

The mounting hole size of the wind speed sensor isTwo spacing5.6CMOfM6holeMaximum placement diameter25CM. It is highly recommended to use external limit method. Refer to the figure below for the connection method of limit switch. If the limit signal is introduced into the controllerThe switch with four normally open contacts shall be arranged at the limit position. When the switch is closedThe corresponding limit terminal is connected with the ground terminal.

Wind speed start control protection functionYes. Anti power reverse connection protection functionYes. Anti-motor reverse electromotive force functionYes.

The reversal function of the sun when it is in the Northern HemisphereYes. All the controllers have passed the strict platform test. Make sure that every baby delivered is a reliable product. In addition, if you have higher requirements for the controllerFor example, the upper computer communication function is neededTemperature detection and control functionMotor current detection control functionChinese LCDAnd higher precision requirementsOr solar attitude angle calculation and trackingGyroscope induction platform azimuth controlFocused use tracking controlledOur stores all havePlease consult the owner for details.

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  • Current Rating: 1-5 A
  • Model: Sun Tracker
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: China
  • Current Type: DC
  • System Configuration: Hybrid
  • Power Source: Solar
  • Type: Solar Trackers
  • Features: All Daylight Conditions
  • MPN: Does not apply
  • Power: 151-200 W
  • Current Output: 10 A or Less
  • Brand: Unbranded
  • Solar Technology: Polycrystalline
  • Application: Agriculture/Farming
  • Charging Mode: MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking)
  • Resistance Properties: Abrasion Resistant
  • Voltage: 8-25V

Solar Panel Sun Tracker Dual Axis Controller Solar Automatic Tracking System NEW