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Solar Panel Sun Tracker Dual Axis Controller Solar Automatic Sun Tracking System

Solar Panel Sun Tracker Dual Axis Controller Solar Automatic Sun Tracking System
Solar Panel Sun Tracker Dual Axis Controller Solar Automatic Sun Tracking System
Solar Panel Sun Tracker Dual Axis Controller Solar Automatic Sun Tracking System
Solar Panel Sun Tracker Dual Axis Controller Solar Automatic Sun Tracking System
Solar Panel Sun Tracker Dual Axis Controller Solar Automatic Sun Tracking System

Solar Panel Sun Tracker Dual Axis Controller Solar Automatic Sun Tracking System

Solar Panel Sun Tracker Dual Axis Controller Solar Automatic Sun Tracking System. This controller is a dual-axis tracking controller, here is a brief description of the function of the controller. The controller can control the dual-degree-of-freedom platform to track the sun in real time, and has the functions of being flat in the wind and centered in the cloudy night.

It is suitable for most latitude areas, infrared wireless manual control, and various parameters can be adjusted freely, and the LCD screen parameters display functions. The requirements for the platform are: it must be a platform driven by two brushed DC motors, and the platform must have a limit function (external limit is recommended, or a controller can be introduced for limit). First of all, you need to make a two-degree-of-freedom platform driven by a DC brush motor.

The two motors used in this platform need the same voltage, and in the12-24VThe total current is not greater than or equal to6AWhen the current is greater than this, the shopkeeper needs to be consulted and another intermediate relay control box needs to be added. The controller is divided into four parts. The detection head adopts a four-quadrant photodiode detection method, which is blocked by the middle column to produce different sunlight radiation voltage values in four directions. When the angle to the sun is less than about 10 degrees, the inner ring photodiode in the inner hole captures the sunlight And output signals, this method greatly improves the tracking accuracy, four signals are transmitted to the motherboard through a 5-core cable.

The installation method is M4 bolt fixing (left and right spacing 44MM), all parts are made with 3D printing technology and professional crystal epoxy board production process, and the back welding line is covered with waterproof silicone to prevent normal rain. The control box adopts a waterproof shell with transparent upper cover, and has a circuit composed of MCU, LCD and other components.

The five-core signal introduced by the detection head is judged by the built-in program of the circuit. According to the corresponding situation, the corresponding driving execution is made. Its interfaces are the five-core signal of the detection head, the signal of wind speed sensor, wireless remote control signal, power input and the output of east-west axis motor. North-South axis motor output, etc. There are two kinds of remote controllers: 6-key infrared remote controllers.

As an important part of the human-computer interaction of the controller, the remote controller can achieve a variety of operation functions. Besides the manual operation function, it also has the function of adjusting various control parameters.

The distance between the remote controller and the control box is8Mi, use two No. The function of the wind speed sensor is to detect the ambient wind speed. When the wind speed is greater than a certain value, the controller can drive the device flat to minimize the damage of the wind to the device. The wind speed sensor adopts a three-cup rotating structure. Under the action of transverse wind in any direction, it can generate rotation.

According to the different wind force, its rotating speed is also different, thus generating different voltage signals. The control box makes wind judgment based on this voltage signal. The basic principle and installation method of the controller are as follows.

The controller uses a detection head. Controller---The closed-loop control mode of the shaft motor consists of a detection head mounted on the upper plane of the platform, which detects the sun's azimuth in real time. The controller analyses the azimuth and drives the corresponding axis motor to move. As the platform moves, the position of the detection head moves, and the azimuth voltage value of the output changes in real time. Until the sun is aligned, the closed-loop is formed and the controller stops output. The main logic of the procedure. After power-on, check the sunshine intensity. If the sunshine intensity is enough, the control platform will aim at the sun. If the sunshine intensity is insufficient, it will delay for a certain time, and the driving device will perform the homing action (which can be done by setting T9/10/11/12).

When the wind speed is detected to exceed a certain value, the driving device performs the specified action. This action can be done by setting T3/4/5/6.

When the Sun runs in the northern hemisphere for a few days in summer, the device can start the required action at noon so that it can continue tracking in the afternoon. This action can be performed by setting T14/15. When the manual function starts, the platform unconditionally accepts manual control.

Each function parameter can be set by itself. Human-computer interaction is completed by remote control and LCD screen.

Firstly, the detection head should be installed on the north side of the upper platform, and the angle range of the East and West axes of the platform should be in the North side. 180Within degrees, the angle of the north-south axis should be80Within degrees, the recommended north-to-end position is exactly flat. Limiting should be done well in east, west, north and south. The connection method of common limit switch can be referred to after the instruction. When the detection head is fixed on the platform, attention should be paid to the direction corresponding to the direction of the detection head when the platform is flat and centered. The detection head line is fixed slightly, leaving some room. Then, the main control box is fixed in the non-mobile position of the platform.

It is better to pay attention to the place where the sun does not shine on the rainwater and the outlet hole is facing down. The corresponding axle motor line is connected to the corresponding terminal in the controller.

Put the correct DC voltage on the main control box. (Infrared remote control can turn on or off the backlight by pressing QUIT key for more than 5 seconds). No matter what state the controller is in, press the remote controlSETKeyboard once, that is, enter the manual control state. Press the corresponding remote control button at this time. Key, the controller will go to. Move in direction and display on the screenE/W/S/N. If the direction of movement does not correspond to the description in the manual, the corresponding wiring shall be changed until it is consistent with the description in the manual. QUITThe key exits the manual state and the controller enters the automatic state. At this time, there are several possibilities as follows. Situation 1If the sunlight value detected at any direction of the detection head is higher than that detected at this timeV3The control considers that the current weather is sunny and can enter the platform tracking state. The controller drives the platform to move continuously. When the east-west axis or the north-south axis aligns first, the axis stops and enters the delayed waiting state. The east-west axis and the north-south axis have a delayed waiting time which can be set freely. TX is the waiting time for the next alignment after the east-west axis aligns. The time can be set according to actual needs. The advantage of this delay setup is that it can save energy to avoid frequent actions (when there is a gap between platforms, poor locking may cause frequent actions), and it can ignore some shadow interference such as the shadow of wires, the shadow of birds flying, etc. Situation 2When the voltage value detected in any direction of the detection head can not be higher thanV3When it is rainy or night, the controller considers that the ambient light has no power generation value. At this time, the controller standby and timing. StayT8In the countdown of time, if the ambient light exceedsV3Value and lasts longer than T13, then immediately enterAIn case, enter normal tracking if ambient light continues to fall belowV3When the T8 delay is completed, the controller will perform the specified actions of the platform if it is really rainy or at night. The order of operation is as follows:First execute eastward driveT9Time and northward driveT11Time, After that, stop for a second, and then go west. T10Time and southward orientationT12Time, through reasonable setting, can drive the platform to the desired location. After the execution of the action of leveling, it enters the weak waiting state of sunshine. If the sunshine appears, it delays T13 time to enter the automatic tracking. Situation 3When the controller detects that the wind speed exceedsV2In the case of value, the controller considers that the current wind speed may damage the platform, and it is necessary to put the platform in the middle immediately to reduce the damage of the wind. At this time, the controller performs the specified action:First execute eastward driveT3Time and northward driveT5Time, After that, stop for a second, and then go west.

T4Time and southward orientationT6Time, these times through reasonable settings, can be achieved to drive the platform to the location you need. After execution, enterT7Time:T7It's the lock-in holding time, in which case the wind speed recovers belowV2Value, thenT7After the time is over, exit to the previous state, ifT7In time, the wind speed is still higher than that.

V2Value, the lock state is maintained untilT7Below itV2Only then does the countdown begin and exit after the countdown ends. Situation 4In summer, in some latitudes, the sun will cross the North-South median line and run in the North sky. For some platforms, there may be a phenomenon that can not be tracked at noon. This controller has the function of automatic flip, which can effectively overcome this shortcoming. Its operation principle is that when this state occurs, the specified action is to control the platform to the East T14 time and stop.

After one second, the execution platform will take time to West T15 (it is best to set this parameter reasonably and place the platform slightly west of the center). ATAutomatic tracking state, in which the device automatically tracks the sun. TXWhen the East and West axes are aligned, the device will not move during the waiting period. TYWhen the north and South axes are aligned, the device will not move during the waiting period. EEast WWest SSouth NNorth (Indicator moves in the corresponding direction). FSWind speed exceeded the set value and entered the neutral state of leveling off in the wind. FReal-time wind speed and voltage, in units of ___________V.

GThe total voltage of the silicon wafer in the first four directions is measured to refer to the current total sunshine intensity. MTManual operation state, in this state, remote control1/2/3/4Key corresponding to North/south/west/Eastern Manual Move. SLWeak sunshine means that the current controller thinks the sunshine is weak and will enter a dormant state to wait for sunshine to appear again. SL WAIT: Entering the Weak Hibernation of Sunlight. T3The time value of the eastward drive of the device when the specified action of exceeding the wind speed limit is executed.

T4:When performing a specified action of exceeding the wind speed limitUndertakeT3After time, the time value of driving device to the West. T5:When performing a specified action of exceeding the wind speed limitThe time value of the device driving northward. T6:When performing a specified action of exceeding the wind speed limitUndertakeT5After time, the time value of the driving device heading south. T7After the specified action of wind speed exceeding the limit, the self-locking time of the controller is designed to prevent the effect of wind speed from being intermittent and causing frequent action of the device. /Tracking, in the self-locking time, if the wind speed re-exceeds the value, then the time immediately re-timed, so that the device will not operate frequently. T8: Delay value of weak duration of sunlight. T9:Time value of the device driving eastward when performing specified action with weak sunlight. T10:implementWeak sunlightDesignated action timeUndertakeT9After time, the time value of driving device to the West. T11:implementWeak sunlightDesignated action timeThe time value of the device driving northward. T12:implementWeak sunlightDesignated action timeUndertakeT11After time, the time value of the driving device heading south. T13: The set value of the duration delay time of the recovery of sunlight after the occurrence of the weak state of sunlight. T14: When the reversal function of the Northern Hemisphere is activated, the device performs specified actions and drives eastward. T15: When the reversal function of the Northern Hemisphere is activated, the device performs the specified action and drives the time value westward after taking the T14 time. V1Tracking Accuracy Settings, which set the Tracking Accuracy Interval Voltage Value, that is, East/West and South/How much is the difference between the voltage values of silicon wafers detected in North ChinaVWhen the controller considers it necessary to move the device or aim at the sun, the smaller the value, the higher the accuracy, and vice versa, the lower the accuracy, which needs to be set according to the characteristics of the platform. V2When the output voltage of the wind speed sensor is higher than the threshold value set by the controller, the controller considers that it is necessary to regulate the action immediately to protect the platform.

V3When the voltage value of silicon wafer in the first four directions of detection is no higher than this value, the controller considers that the current sunshine is weak, there is no power generation value, cancels tracking and delays. T8If the sunshine hasn't been restored after the time, perform the prescribed action.

X0Because the performance of the silicon wafers in the four directions of the detection head can not be completely consistent, increasing the correction base makes the controller correct the difference of the components of the detection head, and the device can more accurately align with the sun. The method of setting the parameters is explained in detail later. Y0The principle of on-line correction of north-south axis angle is the same as that of north-south axis angle. SUMMER: The Northern Hemisphere Sun Reversal function is activated. How to enter the setting state: Press and hold the remote control in any state5The bond lasts more than four seconds. This page shows the real-time voltage values of the silicon wafers in the first four directions.

In debugging and other situations, the output voltage signals of the azimuth detection head can be viewed in real time on this page. PressThe key can turn the page. Key to add or subtract parameter settings.

/Keyboard press once is a single value addition and subtraction, hold still, is fast addition and subtraction. The key can be looped in the above parameter setting state, press. Key can add or subtract parameters, after setting, pressQUITAfter the key, save the exit. X0/Y0The method of setting parameters is as follows.

On a sunny day (try not to be sunny in the morning or evening or at noon at the most time, in the morning or afternoon is more appropriate), first enter the manual operation state, with the remote control manual control platform aiming at the sun, confirm the platform. Align completely with the sun. SETKeyboard more than 5 seconds, that is, enter the setting surface, enter the first and second pages after setting, appear the value of East-West and North-South voltage of the detection head, and show the corresponding reference of correction cardinality below, remember the corresponding value of X0 and Y0, and then turn pages into the setting pages of X0 and Y0 with remote control, modify the corresponding parameters to the corresponding value, save and exit.

All of the above states are shown on LCD screen, including all kinds of time and states, which are displayed in numbers or letters. Description of each component of the control board. Detection head connection terminal 5. Power input (12-24V DC, left Positive right negative).

East-west axis motor output 10. North-south axis motor output 11. One When the backlight of LCD display is not operated, it can be controlled to extinguish to save power. The contrast of LCD screen should not be disturbed, so as to avoid the misadjustment of the contrast to the lowest level, which is supposed to be a display failure.

Two TXValues can generally be set to120More than a second, because the sun moves slowly, about four minutes before moving once. Three TYThe value can be set to about 100 seconds according to the situation. Four T3/4/5/6According to the moving speed of the platform, conceive what attitude the platform should move to resist the wind in the case of wind, and then set the corresponding time parameters. Generally, it is to perform leveling, that is, to drive northward to the end. Five T7It is the time delay of self-locking after leveling in the wind. The time value can be set a little longer to avoid frequent action of intermittent wind-driven devices. Six T8It is the delay time of weak sunshine, which is used to calculate the duration of weak sunshine. This value should be set a little longer to avoid frequent platform movements caused by short rains and clouds. 1200More than seconds is appropriate. T9/10/11/12 is the time for executing the specified action when the sun is weak. According to the moving speed of the platform, the author conceives how to move to a suitable position and suggests that the east-west axis should be in the middle of the North-South axis. That will doThat is to say, to go east for a certain time to determine that the time can end, and then to go west for half the time of the whole journey. The north-south proposal is to leveling because the night is longer, leveling is conducive to shelter from the wind, and if it is daytime, in case the sun is temporarily lost, leveling is also conducive to the capture of the sun when it appears again. Eight V1Tracking accuracy settings, generally in0.00-0.15Set up between. According to the accuracy and tracking effect of the platform, 0.01 is recommended. Nine V2It is the wind speed start-up voltage. The default configuration of the wind speed sensor is as follows0.1VSettings can be adjusted by users themselves.

If other wind speed sensors are used, voltage type wind speed sensors must be used. The parameters should be set by themselves according to their specifications. The method of fuzzy setting is to observe how much F = is when you feel that the wind in the environment at that time may damage the platform. On this basis, you can set it a little lower.

For example, if F = 0.30V at that time, it would be reasonable to set the threshold V2 to 0.25. Ten V3Is the weak threshold of sunlight, recommended by1.5V-1.8V is reasonableSet up. Eleven X0/Y0The settings depend on the error of the detection head. If there is no specific precision required, the settings can be set to1.0Yes.

Twelve Azimuth detection headM6Bolts are fixed. You need to open one on the north side of the platform.

M6.1A hole for fixing the detection head. Thirteen The installation hole size of the main control box is four.

M6Holes, left and right spacing18.2CMUpper and lower spacing5.1CM. Fourteen The installation hole size of the wind speed sensor is: two spacing5.6CMOfM6Hole. Fifteen External limit method is strongly recommended. If the limit signal is used to introduce the controller, four switches with constant open contacts are needed to be arranged at the limit location. When the switch is closed, the corresponding limit terminal is connected to the ground terminal and the direction stops. Basic parameters of the controller. Standby current: less than0.02A.

Maximum control current: less than6A. Wind speed start-up protection function.

Anti-power reverse connection protection function. Anti-motor reverse electromotive force function.

When the sun is in the northern hemisphere sky, its reversal function is as follows. The controller has been rigorously tested on the platform. In addition, if you have higher requirements for the controller, such as the need for upper computer communication function, temperature detection and control function, motor current detection and control function, Chinese LCD display, and higher accuracy requirements, or the sun attitude angle calculation and tracking, gyroscope induction platform azimuth control, tracking control for focusing purposes, our shop has, specifically, please consult with the shopkeeper.

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  • Axis Orientation: Horizontal
  • Type: Solar Trackers
  • Color: Black
  • Recommended Environment: Indoor/Outdoor
  • Pliability: Rigid
  • Brand: Unbranded
  • Solar Technology: Polycrystalline
  • Application: Agriculture/Farming
  • Resistance Properties: Abrasion Resistant
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: China
  • Wattage: 200-299 W
  • Current Type: AC/DC
  • System Configuration: Hybrid
  • Power Source: Solar
  • Features: All Daylight Conditions
  • Protection Properties: Discharge Protection
  • Power: 151-200 W
  • Current Output: 10 A or Less
  • Charging Mode: MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking)
  • Voltage: 49 VDC or Less

Solar Panel Sun Tracker Dual Axis Controller Solar Automatic Sun Tracking System